Insight 2014sight7X1_0036

stop motion animation


Insight is a stop motion animation which takes you to a visual journey to the inside of the sight. Insight is a part of the F.I.V.E. project , view video here

Coffee Creatures 2014martadaeuble2

Stop Motion Animation   4min 19sec

Coffee Creatures is a stop motion animation which deals with the idea of creativity coming out of simple every day activities.


2014 The Creative Process, Umpqua Valley Arts Association, Oregon, USA

Sidney Cooper Gallery, FILM OPEN, Canterbury, UK

 Echo 2013marta_daeuble_Echo2013

  Stop motion animation 2min 40sec HD format music by Baobab Project lyrics by C. Jelger 2009 This stop motion animation is a colaboration with The Baobab Project ~ an epic tale of life and death, love and nothingness, good and evil, humans and gods. The story spins around a man and a woman, a prophecy, an evil god, and the timeless quest for eternal love.~


2013 Ozo Coffee House, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey

Separation 2012Separation 2012

  Stop motion animation inspired by Anton Pavlovitch Tchekhov 2 min 53sec Music by Torley 2012 Screenings: Ozo Coffee House, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey 15e Festival des cinémas différents et expérimentaux de Paris, France Chateau Marmot, screening event, York, UK Walthamstow International Film Festival, London, UK MARGINS, Art Suites Gallery, Beyoğlu/Istanbul, Turkey 2012

Cesta/Voyage 2011martadaeublestill1.jpg

Watch video on my Vimeo Page   Stop Motion Animation
2min 54 sec
 Music by Flavio Simone: Confrontation 2009 This stop motion animation intends to show the struggle of decision making in a journey of life and everlasting question of choice we face every day. It is combining the fantasy world depicted in traditional tale stories linking back to personal memory. Cette animation en stop motion propose de montrer le combat implique dans la prise de décision durant le voyage de la vie et l’éternelle question de choix auxquels nous sommes confrontés tous les jours. Ce film combine le souvenir personnel et le monde de la fantaisie représenté dans les histoires et les contes traditionnels.


Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, México Women’s glance, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Italy Cinéma L’Horloge, Animation Film Festival,  Meximieux, France Façade Video Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria Magmart 2011, Casoria Art Museum, Naples, Italy The Walthamstow International Film Festival, London, 2011

Book 2003Book

Watch video on my Vimeo Page   Stop Motion Animation
2min 30sec
 This stop motion animation unravels the mysteries of the written page when the book is brought to life, only to reveal the ever lasting search for love and self identity.
Drawing a strong parallel with the direction of our lives it shows how we can feel trapped by the rules of societies.

Selected Screenings:

The Streaming Festival, 3rd Edition, Hague, Netherlands ATA Film and Video Festival, “Global Underground”; ATV San Francisco, USA ГУ Киноцентр «Родина», filmcentre “Rodina”, St. Petersburg, Russia Arizona State University Art Museum “11th Annual Film Festival”, Arizona, USA Culture Centre of Fljotsdalsherad “700IS Film Festival” Egilsstadir, Iceland Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece University of Teesside, “Animex”, Student Animation Award, Tees Valley, UK

Apple 2004apple

Stop Motion Animation using pixilation technique
 An apple appears on a table as an introduction to a personal journey in the world of fantasy and imagination. What appears identical is not; feelings are exchanged and argued upon until the more evil side seems to be forced to run away, in fact only to be pushed back deeper in the mind. Selected Screenings: The Space “Wild Dog 5 – Wild Dog Summer Party” Docklands, London, UK Greenwich Picturehouse, “Wild Dog 2”, London, UK Stroud House Gallery , Can You Eat it? , UK Wimbledon School of Art, London, UK 291 Gallery,  London, UK

Monster 2004amimfoto

Super 8 Stop Motion Animation using Pixilation Technigue
54 sec
This is a short animated sketch which reflects the unconscious human desire to control nature. The maker is fighting its own creature only to be absorbed by its own creation. Screenings: The 8Fest 7th Annual Festival, SPK Polish Combatants Hal, Toronto, Canada Oneiroi, TAP, Southend-on-Sea Film Festival 2012,UK Kaunas Biennial, Kauno, Lithuania Saltaire Arts Trail, Cherry Kino mobile Cinema, UK Exploding Cinema, Hatcham Social Club, London, UK Waterloo Galery, London, UK

Shadow 2004stin11

Stop Motion Anomation
2min 50sec
 A powerful ‘force’ controls the world inside this stop motion animation; it creates life and love, only to be later destroyed by the unbearable power of jealousy. Screenings: Wimbledon Library Gallery, “If U Want My Body”, Wimbledon, UK Prenelle Gallery, “Island Art Film & Video Festival 2004”, London, UK 291 Gallery, “Hearts of Glass”, London, UK Eleven Projects, “Clear-Cut”, London, UK

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